your emissions

After reducing your climate impact, offsetting is an effective way to reduce emissions globally and create sustainable development benefits for communities around the world. And why not aim high? Go Climate+ rather than simply carbon neutral and offset more than your footprint.

High-impact Gold Standard carbon credits supported through this marketplace are retired in real-time in our Impact Registry for full traceability, and a certificate documents your purchase. Proceeds benefit project developers directly, enabling them to maintain and expand their project activity and deliver more climate and sustainable development impact.

How it works

Individuals can keep it simple and use average monthly estimates* for their country or use the WWF UK footprint calculator for a more detailed calculation. Businesses can refer to the GHG Protocol’s Emissions Calculator to calculate their carbon footprint.

Then simply add the quantity of carbon credits to the cart and follow checkout instructions.

1 tonne/month or less

Most of European countries, emerging economies and developing countries

2 tonnes/month

Australia, Canada, Estonia, Luxembourg, United States + several oil exporting countries

3 tonnes/month or more

Curacao, Kuwait, Qatar, Trinidad & Tobago

*(Data from World Bank estimates of CO2 emissions per capita)

You can also learn more about the value of carbon credits and how Gold Standard tonnes are priced. And if you’re having trouble deciding on a project, you can now offset with a variety of projects through the Climate+ Portfolio.

  • Planting Biodiverse Forests in Panama

    Re-transforming degraded pastureland into ecological sound forests that offer a safe haven for native animals

    Planting Biodiverse Forests in Panama
    $38.00 USD/TONNE
  • The Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Program

    Combining reforestation on degraded land for sustainable timber production, sequestration of CO2 and protection of native forests + animals

    The Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Program
    $45.00 USD/TONNE
  • BaumInvest Mixed Reforestation in Costa Rica

    The reforestation project of BaumInvest in Costa Rica combines premium quality standards of a recognised forest carbon offset project with multiple ecological and socio-economic benefits for local communities and the environment.

    BaumInvest Mixed Reforestation in Costa Rica
    $45.00 USD/TONNE
  • WithOneSeed Community Forest Programme

    Working with subsistence farmers in Timor-Leste to replant their forests, improve livelihoods and build their economies to help our climate

    WithOneSeed Community Forest Programme
    $45.00 USD/TONNE