The Gold Standard Marketplace

Supporting climate action and sustainable development

Purchasing Carbon Credits Gold Standard-certified carbon credits fund climate protection projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions AND create sustainable development benefits for the communities that need it most. Each Gold Standard project has a verified contribution to at least three of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We all have an impact on the planet – businesses, governments, individuals – and we can all play a part on the journey towards a more sustainable world. Proceeds from carbon credit purchases go to project developers, enabling them to maintain and expand their projects and deliver more impact.

You will receive a unique certificate by email. This will contain a link to the Gold Standard Impact Registry where your credits will have been retired for transparency.

For orders of over 1,000 credits please can you contact Please note that we cannot accept bank transfer payments for orders of less than $5,000.

For any other enquiries please visit our FAQs or contact us.

  • Planting Biodiverse Forests in Panama

    Re-transforming degraded pastureland into ecological sound forests that offer a safe haven for native animals

    Planting Biodiverse Forests in Panama
    $38.00 USD/TONNE
  • The Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Program

    Combining reforestation on degraded land for sustainable timber production, sequestration of CO2 and protection of native forests + animals

    The Nicaforest High Impact Reforestation Program
    $52.00 USD/TONNE
  • WithOneSeed Community Forest Programme

    Working with subsistence farmers in Timor-Leste to replant their forests, improve livelihoods and build their economies to help our climate

    WithOneSeed Community Forest Programme
    $45.00 USD/TONNE
  • Vichada Climate Reforestation, Colombia

    Creating forests to fight climate crisis. Combining reforestation of savannah, sustainable timber production, biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration.

    Vichada Climate Reforestation, Colombia
    $40.00 USD/TONNE