20 MW Solar Project in Rajasthan, India

This is a 20 MW Solar PV project located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The project generates clean electricity by utilising energy from the sun. It has played an important role in reducing CO2 emissions and will continue to contribute towards the economic growth of the area by generating 35.7 GWh of clean electricity annually – the equivalent to powering 8,300 households every year. The project will also mitigate 245,000 tCO2e in carbon emissions in 7 years. 

Project impacts and benefits: 

As part of the development process under Gold Standard, the project hosted a stakeholder consultation. As well as discussing the project and its objectives, the consultation provided the opportunity to better understand the needs of the local communities to help calibrate a useful and effective CSR strategy.

The primary objective of the CSR policy is to pursue initiatives and activities that enhance welfare measures for the communities based around the project. With this in mind, the project developer has identified the following activities: 

  • Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition
  • Sanitation and ensuring availability of safe drinking water
  • Promoting education and employment enhancing vocation skills
  • Promoting gender equality and empowering women
  • Providing training to promote sports

Develop and provide clean drinking water infrastructure:

  • The project region is known for being arid, hot and has one of the poorest underground water tables. During the summertime, the tap water is not safe for drinking, therefore, access to clean drinking water is vital. The project developer has commissioned a reverse osmosis and water filtration plant which is benefitting hundreds of families on a daily basis.

Quality of education & school support:

  • Distribution of laptops and desktop computers to the Government Higher Secondary School in Mangolai.
  • Distribution of necessary school equipement such as projectors, white boards, chalk boards.
  • Encouraging teachers to take lessons and impart computer knowledge to children.

Generating quantifiable employment for locals:

  • The project has provided permanent employment opportunities for 34 people, out of which 28 employees were hired locally.
  • The project developer spends approximately US$160,000 annually on O&M of the project. This money helps provide jobs (directly as well as indirectly), encourage small businesses, etc. and has led to an overall upliftment in the standard of living of the villagers.
  • The project developer hosts various trainings for the staff, helping them to become more efficient as well as providing new growth opportunities – a win/win for project developer and individual alike. 

The project is promoted by Janardan Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd, a part of the LNB Group.

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