West Kisumu Improved Cookstove Project

This project provides families in the Kisumu region of Kenya with locally made fuel efficient stoves to replace inefficient open fires. 1,499 stoves have been distributed to local families in the region of Kisumu. 

The improved stoves have been made in-country and distributed to families to replace three stone fires. The stoves have an insulation chamber and metal pot plate to improve fuel efficiency. This results in a reduction of wood consumption and therefore a reduction of carbon emissions. The reduced wood usage means that families spend less time sourcing wood and/or reduce the money spent purchasing firewood.

Project Impacts and Benefits

The project contributes to several UN Sustainable Development Goals including:

 - The 1,499 stoves result in a significant reduction in the need for firewood and thereby prevent carbon from being emitted.

- In addition to carbon prevention it also provides families with a cost and time effective method to cook with.  Over 6,500 have been positively impacted and 96% of the respondents reported a fuel saving since using the improved stoves

- The reduced need for firewood helps to prevent deforestation, creating knock on benefits to the wildlife in terms of habitat prevention.  Wood saved per stove per year = 1.48 tonnes

- It is also a healthier method of cooking as it reduces in-door smoke pollution.

 More details on this project are available in the Gold Standard Impact Registry

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