HomeBiogas Programme in Kenya

HomeBiogas offers a comprehensive solution for waste management, renewable energy creation, and sustainable agriculture practices. The HomeBiogas system captures methane (CH4) emissions from animal manure and removes it by converting it to clean cooking fuel, thus preventing cutting down trees and avoiding CO2 emissions. 

HomeBiogas system produces biogas for clean-cooking, resulting in saving money on energy for the households. Moreover, the system produces bio-fertiliser that the farmer can apply to his crops instead of using chemical fertiliser. The bio-fertiliser contributes to the soil health,increases yields and saves money for the household.

As a global leader in biogas technology, HomeBiogas systems are robust, user-friendly designed for efficiency, safety, and ease of use. Each system is constructed to the highest standards, with CE and ISO certifications, ensuring reliability and durability.
HomeBiogas also supports the local economy by hiring local teams to provide exceptional after-sales service, including agricultural expertise to optimise the use of the bio-fertiliser produced by the system. Proudly Bcorp certified, HomeBiogas meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

2.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean cooking facilities. 90% of Kenyans still rely on polluting fuels like wood, charcoal, and/or kerosene for their cooking needs and 14,000 Kenyans die annually from indoor air pollution (Source: Environmental Research Letters). With the Homebiogas system, we can change this reality.

Project Impacts and Benefits

SDG 1- No Poverty: The biogas units are owned by each household, resulting in savings through either spend on firewood purchase or using the time saved from firewood collection for revenue generating activities.

SDG2- Zero hunger: Reduce chemical fertiliser consumption and help revitalise the soil’s organic matter. HomeBiogas system's liquid bio-fertiliser has demonstrated excellent economic and operational efficiency. Farmers reported higher crop yields, a stronger natural flavor, larger harvests, healthier and more fertile soil, and less need for pesticides.

SDG3- Good health and well-being: The project activity will reduce the illnesses from indoor air pollution. Women specifically benefit from the project activity due to a clean environment for indoor cooking and also reduced burden to collect/buy firewood for cooking.

SDG5- Gender equality: Saving time on collecting firewood and cooking using traditional methods, enabling women and children to use the time required to collect fuel wood for education and generate income.

SDG7- Affordable and clean energy: HomeBiogas' system provides clean cooking units for each household; therefore it directly ensures access to an affordable, reliable and cleaner form of energy.

SDG8- Decent work and economic growth: The project will create at least 200 jobs in the project region. The programme will train many local people in biogas technology.

SDG13- Climate Action: The project reduces GHG emissions by replacing the use of firewood by biogas for daily cooking needs, and by capturing methane emissions from animal manure in the biodigester and removing it by converting it to biogas for cooking.

SDG15- Life on land: The use of the biogas for cooking reduces the use of firewood and decreases the use and demand of wood, which will eventually lead to sustainable forests in the project area. 

More project information is available in the Gold Standard Impact Registry. or you can contact the project developer directly: Yamit Naftaly at yamit@homebiogas.com

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