120 MW Solar PV Plant by Juniper Green Sigma Private Ltd. in Gujarat, India

Juniper Green Sigma Pvt. Ltd. has setup a 120 MW Solar power project in the state of Gujarat, India. The project will replace anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases estimated to be approximately 275,000 tCO2e per annum, thereon displacing 300 GWh of clean electricity annually from the generation-mix of power plants connected to the Indian electricity grid, which is mainly dominated by thermal/ fossil fuel-based power plant.

Project Impacts and Benefits

After extensive engagement and discussions with the local stakeholders, the Company decided to provide water purification devices in various schools near the project site as access to clean water was identified as a big challenge in the locality. Geographically, the ground water supply in the region has a very high quantity of TDS causing acute and chronic health ailments among the students causing discontinuity and high absenteeism.

Accordingly, the Company:

  1. Distributed an RO Plant of 50 LPH capacity along with water storage PVC tank and water cooler at Motinagar Primary School at Babsar Village.
  2. Distributed an RO Plant of 250 LPH capacity along with water storage PVC tank at Bhordu Primary School at Bhordu Village.
  3. Distributed an RO Plant of 50 LPH capacity along with water storage PVC tank and water cooler at Bilvaniya Primary School at Bilvaniya Village.
  4. Distributed an RO Plant of 100 LPH capacity along with water storage PVC tank and water cooler at Vantdasuka Primary School at Vantdasuka Village.

In all, the Company has installed 450 LPH cap RO plant along with 4000 Litre storage tank and 400 Litre cooler cum dispenser.

Robotic Cleaning: Water is a basic human need and should be easily accessible to all. The traditional method of cleaning modules requires incessant water to wash them manually using human labour. Water scarcity, expensive labour and solar projects located in arid and drought-prone regions makes the whole process unsustainable for the life of the solar asset. The Company has determined to concentrate on improving the water security in the communities its works. Therefore, it adopts waterless cleaning technologies in its solar assets. Robotic cleaning (https://www.junipergreenenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Trim-Video.mp4) not only eliminates the use of water for cleaning the panels but also makes economic sense by increasing the energy output and decreasing the operations and maintenance cost.

Project Shruti: Disbursement of bone conduction devices amongst hearing impaired children. The Company came across several specially-abled kids facing hearing impairment issues who were enrolled in special category kids' section in Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, Ministry of Education led Government schools, close to the 120 MW project sites. Only few had privilege of having a hearing aid, many could not afford to have the same. These children faced difficulties in their day-to-day life and this had a serious impact on their growth. The Company came across a company manufacturing patented hearing aids based on bone-conduction technology which claimed that even people without ear, hearing impaired from birth can also listen through this device without any need for surgery. The Company then conducted a formal survey along with Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan authorities in the nearby schools to list down such kids. The distribution event of the hearing aid was conducted on a landmark occasion of World Hearing Day, the 3rd March 2023 wherein we supported 63 such kids with this bone conduction hearing aids & the event was also registered in World Hearing Forum, WHO.

More information on this project is available in the Gold Standard Impact Registry

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