50 MW Wind Power Project in Madhya Pradesh, India

This is a 50 MW wind power project located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, promoted by Orange Bercha Wind Power Pvt Ltd. The project consists of 25 wind turbine generators of 2 MW each generating clean electricity with utilization of wind energy. The project has conducted an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study in line with the IFC guidelines while engaging local community through frequent stakeholder consultations. It has played an important role in reducing CO2 emissions by generating 110 GWh of clean electricity annually, which is equivalent to powering 25,500 households every year.

Orange Renewable as a socially responsible organization is dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to improve the quality of life in the projects' vicinity. Along these lines, Orange Renewable consistently invests in the following thematic areas:

  1. Enhancing the quality of education
  2. Supporting the "Clean India" initiative of the Government of India by investing in sanitary infrastructure in schools and community centers
  3. Augmenting medical and health care facilities
  4. Potable water supply infrastructure
  5. Employment generation
  6. Women empowerment
  7. Safeguarding environment

In keeping with the above thematic focus, the following specific initiatives have been undertaken in the project vicinity:

  1. Distribution of much needed equipment such as chairs, stools, benches and books in the local Sr. Higher Secondary School benefitting over 200 children.
  2. Tree plantation drives in schools, sub-stations and public places are conducted on a regular basis, to create awareness/sensitivity towards protection of environment.
  3. The Company is supporting 100 cancer affected children every year on a pan-India basis under the project "Adopt a Child (AAC)" of the "CanKids Kidscan" initiative, whose vision is to give a fair chance of survival to children who otherwise would have died for want of treatment.
  4. Organised health camps in Jhar, Sandla, Dhanesra & Laptiya villages in Madhya Pradesh benefitting 1178 people wherein it:
       - Provided OPD services to the community.
       - Provided both preventive and curative treatment for common diseases and        health problems among the community.
       - Spread awareness on HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Sexually Transmitted Infections,        Reproductive tract infections, Tuberculosis (TB), Cancer and other        ailments.
       - Spread awareness on personal hygiene in prevention of serious disabling diseases such as Eye, Dental, and skin disease which are prevalent in the area due to dust and lack of adequate water.
  5. A community awareness campaign was organised on World Cancer Day in Ratlam. A procession was taken out on the occasion throughout the city. Awareness was raised by slogans on Cancer, ribbon distributions and street shows. A similar Community awareness campaign was also organized in Ratlam on No Tobacco Day.
  6. A Community awareness campaign was organised on World AIDS day to raise awareness and end stigma and prejudice about HIV and AIDS through education and advocacy while reminding that HIV and AIDS have not gone away and continue to impact the lives of millions of people - locally and globally. It was organized in partnership with Govt. District Hospital Ratlam and ASRA (NGO). A procession was taken out on the occasion throughout the city. Awareness raised by slogans on AIDS, ribbon distributions and street shows.
  7. A Pre cancer test and counselling camp was organised in partnership with Akhil Bhartiya Yuva Manch Delhi, District Hospital, Ratlam and Cancer society, Ratlam. The drive benefitted around 350 people.
  8. The project has led to direct employment generation for 61 persons on a permanent basis (including security personnel, supervisors & engineers), out of which 22 employees were hired locally.

Orange Renewable has been recognised jointly by Sustainable Maharashtra, INDIRA, World CSR Day and World Federation of CSR professionals agencies in the "India Sustainability Leadership Summit and Awards" with "Sustainable Carbon Management Practice Award" and "Sustainable Community Leadership Award" in 2017 for remarkable sustainable development.

Orange Renewable CSR outreach spans to more than 50 villages and is impacting close to 30,000 lives of 6000 families in 7 states of India. The group has successfully constructed close to 220 km of roads at various project locations. More than 550 km of transmission lines have been built at its project sites to enable electricity to reach the main grids. More importantly, the group has generated employment for more than 3,000 people in the remote areas in the country around its projects directly or indirectly.

More information on this project can be found in the Gold Standard Impact Registry

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