Kenya Solar Water Farm Project

The project will support the provision of safe water using photovoltaic cells to power desalination technology to thousands of households in coastal Kenya.  GivePower have developed a revolutionary solar-powered clean water solution, solar desalination plants, which have been installed to deliver clean, safe water for human consumption.

CO2balance have partnered with GivePower, an award-winning non-profit organisation that implement clean energy projects in the Global South, to install solar-powered desalination plants in Kenya to provide solutions to the country's unsafe water problems.  Carbon finance for this project assists with the ongoing maintenance and operational costs to run the plants, increasing the ability for technology-heavy solutions to be provided in the region.


Project impacts and benefits

The most basic requirement to sustain life is clean water.  For many rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa the struggle to find clean safe drinking water can take a major part of a families' resource. More often than not the burden falls to women and children to collect water often walking a great distance from home.  The project delivers the following additional impacts:

  • access to safe clean drinking water
  • reduce time in sourcing wood and water
  • reduction in waterborne illness caused by drinking unsafe water
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