Vichada Climate Reforestation, Colombia

The project is located in the Vichada Department and the Orinoco river basin, combining reforestation, sustainable timber production, biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration.

In addition to the reforestation of the savannah, the project protects the remaining patches of native vegetation and creates additional conservation areas on the banks of rivers and other watersheds. The forests offer a natural habitat for native animals and plants, protect and enrich the soil, save and filter water and contribute to the mitigation of the greenhouse effect.

For the project developers, regional employment is a special priority, including capacity building and technology transfers.

Project impacts and benefits:

Social benefits

  • Creation of regional job opportunities and reduced migration
  • Promotion of education and financial support for different schools in the project area in order to stop child labor
  • Focus on building a diverse and multicultural team with equal rights for all participants
  • Integrated capacity building and environmental education programs for local communities

Ecological benefits

  • Soil erosion prevention to protect the nutrients and soil microelements
  • Creation of shelter for migratory and native animals and insects due to reforestation activities
  • Forest conservation creates natural corridors and ensures the connectivity of regional native ecosystems
  • Home to 6 endangered flora and 35 endangered fauna species


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